University of Creation


  • Kazuo Urashima (Headmaster, Professor of First Age History, MAgitech and Celestial Sorcery)
  • Misho of Djala (Male Solar, Solar Sorcery Professor and Magitech Professor, Vice Headmaster)
  • Eris of the North (Female, Lunar, Labyrinth Circle of Necromancy Professor)
  • Corruption of Calin (Female, Abyssal, Shadowlands Circle of Necromancy Professor, and Necrotech Specialist)
  • Bright Parchment (Female, Autochthonian, History Professor)
  • Meticulous Instrument (Male, Autochthonian, Magitech Professor)
  • Larila (Female, Solar, Political Administration Professor)
  • Kara Ledaal (Dragon-Blood, BioGenesis Professor) Mistress of Kazuo
  • Toshiko Miromoto Urashima (Dragon-Blood, Manse Design Professor) Wife of Kazuo. Political Marriage.

7 other teachers (3 autochthonians, 2 mortals, and two dragon-bloods[All currently blank for when I need their characters to be something])


The following skills are taught at the University

  • Linguistics, Lore, Occult.
  • Awareness, Integrity, Craft: Air, Craft: Earth, Craft: Fire, Craft: Water, Craft: Wood, Craft: Magitech (Craft: Necrotech is being taught on the side by Corruption of Calin but not as an official class)
  • Presence, Socialize
  • Bureaucracy, Investigation
  • Medicine, Performance, Ride
  • Initiation into the 3 circles of Sorcery
  • Initiation into the First Circle of Necromancy. (No one has passed Eris’ tests to be taught Labyrinth Circle. Corruption of Calin knows up to Void Circle, but presents the guise of only knowing Shadowlands and some rudimentary understanding of Labyrinth)

Research Manufactorium

A Level 5 Factory Cathedral. Designed in a group effort. Has an automata workforce that mines the Jakara Mountain Range (which was created by Misho to be chock full of all magical and mundane ores, even a vein of soulsteel. The Mountain Range was made out of the Wyld to serve the university. The Automata Miners were built on Autochthonia and count as human setters). Each of the 15 Professors has a private Workshop area, but there is a giant area that is shared by students and professors for larger scale projects.

Kazuo is currrently in negotiation with the four cites and Autochthonia for a Temporal Stasis Field Generator, a Defense system built by Autochthon during the Primordial War against an unknown weapon. The artifact will accelerate time inside the Research Manufactorium, by a variable factor. This is to allow three month projects to completed in three weeks.

(This would be a story I am writing for Kazuo. Not to spoil anything he gets it, but he doesn’t get to keep it. Oh and Augustus will hate it.)


  • Rediscovered the process of storing information onto Adamant Data Crystals
  • A full Autochthonian Circle teaches at the school
  • The Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears has deployed one of her Deathknights, Corruption of Calin to teach at the school
  • No Professor or Student may design or build an offensive weapon within the school.
  • Conducts extensive research into the Charm Wyld Creation Technique, with the hopes of creating an artifact vehicle that can duplicate the effects.
  • Has designed a method of “programming” Adamant Data Crystals, the language MELCHIOR was found by reverse engineering IAM’s programming.
  • No Sidereal has ever publically visited the school.
  • A rumor which caused a mass panic was that the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears was going to visit the school. However this is just a rumor
  • It is the policy of the University of Creation to make a Data Crystal Copy of any book contributed to the Library. From this backup copies, three copies are made. One which stays in the library accessible by the Librarian Melchior. Another which is stored in a decommissioned Urashima Vault on the Blessed Isle, and another in a location only known to the Headmaster and the Vice Headmaster
  • The city-states of North Yugash, is approximately 100 miles away from the University and is reachable via an Adamant Pneumatic Tube Transport.
  • The Tower of Autochthon, is where the Autochthonian Circles teaches and works. It is very tall. It is rumored that at its peak is a gateway back to Autochthonia.
  • Protected by the Zeno’s Paradox Defense System. Regardless of whatever attack force is approaching the University, the University is always out of reach. Only specially calibrated Adamant key cards allow access. The Obsidian Portal (the gateway to Sijan) bypasses this system entirely

Kazuo’s Research & Engineering Projects

  • The two Terraformation ships, that can form 5 square miles of land in a day from the Wyld
  • Developing advanced mathematical models to predict future events
  • Solving the Yellow Jade conundrum, and producing a method of producing Yellow Jade in mass quantitiess
  • Developing Mutonic Calculus and Engineering courses for mortal engineering projects
  • A series of Cosmological probes. Kazuo is most interested in answering the following question, did the Primordials destroy 90% of Creation in the war, or was their last act of spite to cut off Creation from the rest of their masterpiece?
  • Soulsteel Extractor. A purely theoretical idea for a device that could take a piece of soulsteel and unrefine it, releasing the thousands of ghosts from within

University of Creation

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