Types of Airships

An Airship in the world of Exalted is a artifact craft that is kept a loft by various magitech means

Solar Airships

Infernal Airships

Abyssal Airships

The Final Maelstrom Dreadnought Class. Has 5 power cores. One large hangar filled with slots for 50 Tombstone Flyers. A BFG 9000 gun as well. Now under the Command of the Black Heron.

Tombstone Flyers Gunship Class. These carry a circle of combatants and can engage in combat. The craft has an exposed levitation system, and is Less vulnerable there. Cockpit is exposed and all offensive capability relies on the passenger’s and pilots archery scores or charms. Now under the command of the Black Heron.

Lunar Airships

Sidereal Airships

Terrestrial Airships

Dreadnought Class: Artifact 5

Cruiser Class: Artifact 4

Gunship Class: Artifact 3

Dragonfly Class: Artifact 3

The following are planned for the Second Shogunate’s First Air Legion

Tepet Ellora Dreadnought Class. Currently 5 of these ships are planned and will serve as the flagships of the 5 Air Legions of the Second Shogunate. The Second and Fourth Air Legions are being funded by Lookshy, and will be under their command. First ship will be operational in RY 788. Has a 24 hour backup Essence Battery in case of emergencies. Can hold a full legion. Note: features an overly large cargo bay with power ducts for any supplementary power system. Max Speed 40 mph

Terrestrial Cruiser Cruiser Class. Features latches on the side of the Airship for 10 gun ship class vessels. Designed to provide support fire for the Gunships, and special assignments. Crew: 150 Features five variants

  • Ivory – Conventional Cruiser Model. Features areas for 10 gunships. Max Speed 40 mph
  • Azure – the starboard gunship latches have been replaced with advanced sensor equipment and afterburners for the engines. Max Speed 75 mph
  • Crimson – the starboard gunship latches have been replaced with a “Vulcan” Gun Level 4 Artifact, designed to provide extremely long range artillery bombardment. Max Speed 40 mph
  • Midnight – the starboard gunship latches have been replaced with a stealth system, allowing covert missions to be undertaken. Max Speed 40 mph
  • Verdant – the starboard gunship latches have been replaced with one of two possibilities. A Medical Bay that can handle 500 patients OR a biological weapons platform. Max Speed 40 mph

Terrestrial Hornet Gunship Class.

Features an armored cockpit and integrated weapons systems. Stay aloft via quickly flapping air essence collectors. In an emergency there are handles, and a small rail for a circle of dragon bloods to be on.

  • Basic – The Basic Gunship, one pilot one gunner, external jumpseats for a circle. Max Speed 60mph
  • Mela – A Gunship with all but the most basic armor, removed. Designed for one purpose. Speed and Distance. Max Speed 100 mph. Can carry a TSN node.
  • Hesish – A Gunship with superior area effect weapons. Max Speed 60 mph
  • Dannad – A Gunship that has superior precise weapons. Max Speed 60 mph.
  • Sextes Jylis – A Gunship that allows for either medical evacuation OR a Biological weapons platform. Max Speed 60 mph

Dragonfly Transport Convoy Class

A standard airship cargo supply ship.

Alchemical Airships

Types of Airships

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