The Destruction of the First and Forsaken Lion

The Battle of Ebon Pyrrons

In RY 782, Shroud of Ebon Void had the idea to besiege the Walker in Darkness. The battle was a stalemate pinning the two deathlords to an extended battle siege. Walker had the defensive advantage, but shroud had a Underworld First Age Legion, known as the Hellfire Legion, under the command of Prince of Fallen Shadow.

A few months later, the First and Forsaken Lion decides to mobilize his forces and to take his new flagship out for a spin. So suddenly Shroud’s forces found themselves besieged on their rear flank.

I believe Shroud’s comments were ”...Oh Shit!”. Things were so bad that he asked the Dragon’s Fist for help.

The Walker and Shroud agreed to a very temporary ceasefire. The Dragon’s Fist was sent to rush through the Labyrinth, come up through the First and Forsaken Lion’s Manse, through the door to the Final Maelstrom and then take out all 5 cores.

All in all one of our better plans

So the First and Forsaken Lion is a big fan of Eldritch Geometry. We were able to disable two power cores and upon the third power core, the First and Forsaken Lion appeared to Stop the Fist.

During the battle the Lion was struck by the annihilating energies of the core, and when the smoke cleared all that was left was the armor and sword of Death’s greatest General. Which was taken by Yun’Sol.

Once we got outside, the Final Maelstrom was badly damaged, but was able to get off one more shot. However The Walker in Darkness, bolstered by the two stolen Zero-Point Void Cores, was able to reflect it back at the ship. The Final Maelstrom turned to leave when a Lookshy Cruiser showed up and opened fire, taking a bit more damage.

Final results:

  • VICTORY: Walker in Darkness
  • Marginal Defeat: Shroud of Ebon Void
  • VICTORY: Princess Magnificent
  • Crushing Defeat: First and Forsaken Lion

The Destruction of the First and Forsaken Lion

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