The 770s

RY 771 (4891 DA)
  • Calibration: Thorns liberated by Tepet Ejava and the Bull of the North
RY 772 (4892 DA)
  • Ascending Water to Ascending Earth: The Realm Civil War (4 out of the 15 months)
  • Ragara Erok dies and becomes the Monument of Shattered Earth
  • Kazuo Urashima trapped in the World of Darkness
  • Cathank Oberon leads House Cathak to see the light, and join Tepet Ejava
  • Most of the Wyld Hunt destroyed in a battle in Sijan
  • Vogt Mendel Exalts
  • Yun’Sol begins construction of Meru Dojo
  • Meticulous Fern creates a liaison office with the new Shogun
  • The Four Alchemical Cities appear.
  • Alchemical Prosethetics become one of the chief exports of the Cities. The others being Urashima ‘Shell-Guns’ and synthetic textiles.
  • The Great Geas of the Jadeborn is lifted
  • Ma-Ha-Suchi, Allied with Raksi Queen of Fangs, escalates barbarian raiding on the River Province to full-scale invasion. is initially stopped by the resurgent Dragon King Nation out of Rathess. the ‘War in the East’ as it comes to be called settles into constant, low-intensity conflict with both sides unable or unwilling to bring the matter to a decisive battle.
  • The Calistare Campaign

RY 773 (4893 DA)

  • Cynis Augustus… is busy
  • Vogt Mendel is in training.
  • Meticulous Fern entrenches her contacts in the new Second Shogunate government. Gets an Apprentice in Shun
  • Cathak Oberon settles down with his family in Thorns.
  • Kazuo Urashima attends Valkausen Academy in Lookshy.
  • Yun’Sol usurps control of the Obsidian Syndicate from himself
  • First Alchemical exaltation outside of Autochthonia takes place in Jade City by the Alchemical Maki, who… is the city.
  • Parliament of Beings passes the “Land Rush Act”
  • Alchemical Martial Arts are frowned on by traditionalists
  • The first Deliberative of the Second Shogunate convenes.

RY 774 (4894 DA)

  • Cynis Augustus is… training amalgams, making experienced crew for the Sea Ghost Fleet, making manses and striking blows at “the Guild”
  • Vogt Mendel builds Farshore.
  • Meticulous Fern continues to train Fern and doing her job
  • Cathak Oberon spends time with his family
  • Kazuo Urashima experiments with a communication node, this node becomes the core of the UBN. he also gets married this year.
  • Yun’Sol recruits teachers
  • The Urashimas are now the “Bankers of the Shogunate”. They begin rapid production of Kazuo’s nodes for communication. Due to an agressive strategy they wind up destroying “The Guild” and become leaders in Creation’s market economy

RY 775 (4895 DA)

  • Cynis Augustus travels to the Elemental Pole of Wood
  • Vogt Mendel trains at the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy
  • Meticulous Fern and Shun both train at the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy in Water Dragon Style. Also go to Amalgam classes
  • Cathak Oberon’s daughter, Sera is confirmed a Solar Half-Caste
  • Kazuo Urashima trains at the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy under Dom to finish off Righteous Devil Style. He also uncovers the ruins of Tzatli in this year
  • Yun’Sol runs the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy
  • The Urashima Credit is introduced.
  • Dear lord, who wasn’t at the dojo this year?

RY 776 (4896 DA)

  • The Dragon’s Fist assist the Dragon Kings in their defense against Ma-ha-Suchi’s Horde. Turning them back… for now.
  • Meticulous Fern and Shun travel the territory of Starmetal City.
  • Kazuo recruits Professors for the University of Creation. Construction started at the North Five Corner Manse.
  • The Typewriter is introduced by the Urashima Manufactory.
  • Urashima Banking Network now in almost every major city in Creation.
  • Shell-guns mysteriously stop working except in the Alchemical City. Mortals cannot use Shell-guns anymore without a chance of drastic misfire.

RY 777 (4897 DA)

  • Cynis Augustus is… busy
  • Vogt Mendel begins forging stuff in the Wyld
  • Cathak Oberon is spending time with his family
  • Meticulous Fern travels with Shun to the Jade City in the Western Ocean.
  • Kazuo Urashima opens the University of Creation.
  • Yun’Sol has marital problems. Tensions grow at home as word of the death of Peleps Neltis arrives, along with a plea for LĂ©anya to return home
  • The Linowan/Halta War is now going very well for Linowan with Shogunate support.

RY 778 (4898 DA)

  • Cynis Augustus is… working with Vogt
  • Vogt Mendel is… working with Augustus and working on Farshore
  • Cathak Oberon gets married to Tina. He also loses a fight to Yun’Sol and joins the Dragon’s Fist, he and his family move to Denavid. Binds his soul to his sword.
  • Meticulous Fern watches the fight between Yun’Sol and Oberon with interest.
  • Kazuo Urashima teaches at the University of Creation and goes on Archaeological expeditions.
  • Yun’Sol is shocked as Leanya leaves him for Peleps. He also exalts as a lunar this year. He runs off leaving the Dragon’s Fist confused with some members going off trying to find him with little luck.

RY 779 (4899 DA)

  • Cynis Augustus organizes a joint attack on the Silver Prince. It Succeeds!! Silver Prince is Destroyed. Stuff looted! Skullstone no longer a Shadowland! Two new cities on the island.
  • Vogt Mendel visits the Parliament of Beings and gets Farshore nation status. He also works to help the Dragon Kings
  • Cathak Oberon’s child exalts as a Fire-Aspect
  • Meticulous Fern is busy
  • Kazuo Urashima is asked to see the Shogun who orders him to build 10 Factory Cathedrals on the Blessed Isle for the Second Shogunate. Kazuo winds up building 7, and 2 for the Shogunate’s Allies (Lookshy and Chiaroscuro). He also gets the shogun to agree that no more than 5 of the Factory Cathedrals can be devoted to war production (He really wanted 2 but was lucky to get her down to 5.)
  • Yun’Sol still remains missing (Not sure when he returned to the dojo)
  • Phoenix Gate eclipses Nexus in overall trade.
  • Inoue Urashima starts researching Saturnium Bombs.

The 770s

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