Second Shogunate

The Second Shogunate is the successor state of the Scarlet Empire. First established as a military dictatorship in RY 772 after the surrender of the last Scarlet army unit, and established as as a federal system, headed by the Shogun, and run up by a 500 member Deliberative.

  • Shogun: Tepet Ejava
  • First Minister: Megumi Urashima
  • Leader of Opposition: Cyan Nellens

Although called the Second Shogunate it does not even come close to holding even half of the territory that the First Shogunate (RY -1300 to RY -15) had, this is due in large part to the tribute empire that the Scarlet Empire followed over the First Shogunate’s Imperial Deliberative model, as well as the Immaculate Faith. This led to the Scarlet Empire leading only the Blessed Isle and the Threshold states in tributary nations ruled from afar. During the Chaos of the Realm Civil War many of the tributary nations of the Blessed Isle broke away becoming independent, or being consumed into the spheres of influences of one of the 4 cities.

Status of the Houses

  • Cathak (Decimated following the Demonic Incursions of RY 782)
  • Cynis ACTIVE
  • Iselsi (Migrated to Jade City in RY 773)
  • Ledaal ACTIVE
  • Memnon (Barely Active, many were adopted by House Urashima)
  • Nellens ACTIVE
  • Peleps ACTIVE
  • Ragara (Assimilated into House Urashima)
  • Sesus ACTIVE
  • Tepet ACTIVE
  • V’Neef (Assimilated into House Urashima)

The Eight Houses of the Second Shogunate are:

Cathak, Cynis, Ledaal, Nellens, Peleps, Sesus, Tepet, Urashima

(Memnon was not granted House Status in the Second Shogunate as of RY 783, but merely some deliberative seats like some patrician)

Notable Assets

  • Has 7 Factory Cathedrals on the Blessed Isle, many were on the sites of former Immaculate Temples. 2 of these Factory Cathedrals are Naval Yards. NO Factory Cathedrals are run by the Urashimas on the Blessed Isle, but they do administrate the two non-military cathedrals.
  • The army was outfitted with Urashima Shellguns until they mysteriously stopped working. Current theory is that the Ebon Dragon cursed them to make his arrival easier.
  • The Vermillion Legion, is the Shogun’s personal Legion, and the Shogun herself has acquired the Warstrider of the Scarlet Empress for that army.


  • The Imperial City has reverted to the name Crane Bay, the name of the city during the First Age and the First Shogunate.
  • The Shogunate is funding two major research programs at present. The Air Legion, a fleet of jade artifact gunships, cruisers, and a Maelstrom Class Dreadnought, is sponsored by Megumi Urashima and the Progressive bloc. A Warstrider program is sponsored by Cyan Nellens and her Ouroboros bloc. The Shogun has stated whoever can get a working prototype out first wins. Neither plan will bear a prototype until early RY 784
  • The Terrestrial Strategic Network’s core is in the Shogunate’s military Headquarters in Crane Bay. Named Casper by it’s builder Kazuo, it is in a 5 meter tall cube, that is nearly 3 meters in diameter. The Terrestrial Strategic Network was designed specifically to coordinate a war that required the activation of the Terrestrial Coalition united military forces, and other Shogun class terminals have been sent to the Seventh’s Legion General Staff, and the Provisional Forces of Chiaroscuro.
  • The IMperial Manse was gracefully donated to the Parliament of Beings for their territory, and to hand over control of the Defense Grid to the Parliaments control, standing orders to fire should there be signs of another Fair Folk Invasion like just after the Great Contagion. (More like no one thought anyone else should have it, so they share it)
  • Across the city the Shogunate has renovated the Military Fortress into the Shogun’s Headquarters, and its Hexagonal shape, and multitude of defenses, earned it the name the Safest place in Creation.
  • Now near the center of town is White jade citadel that holds the Deliberative chambers, and flanking the building are Five 18 story structures. The Mela building, holds the Department of Information, the propaganda and censorship offices. The Hesish building, holds the Offices of the Shogun’s Police Force. The Dan’nad Building, holds the Treasury Department (It is no coincidence that directly behind it is the large Adamant Tower that is the UBN branch in Crane Bay). The Office Foreign Affairs is in the Jylis Building. The Tabula Rasa Building is the largest of the towers and holds the offices of the members of the deliberative.

Second Shogunate

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