Republic of Chiaroscuro

Before the Third Age

Matches exactly the core material.

Dawn of the Third Age

In 774 Chiaroscuro was a city occupied, for roughly 500 years the city was ruled by the Delzahn Horde, a group of plains horsemen raiders. They had ruled the city by successfully playing off the Guild against the Realm, and thus keeping the Delzahn Horde leadership as Status Quo.

In 774 the Guild lost nearly all of their business in the West and Blessed Isle. The civil war on the Blessed Isle had installed a new government that was more worried about cleaning up their island than the tributary states they had propped up. For the first time in 500 years, the Delzahn Aristocracy had to fend for themselves. Revolution soon broke out of the 75% Chiaroscurans against the Delzahn Occupiers. For about 6 months the Delzahn’s were quelling the rebellion but barely, a civil war like state would have persisted for a decade had Inoue Urashima gave the rebellion hundreds of shellguns. The Delzahns were massacred in open engagements, and had to flee the City. The Tri-Khan himself was killed by a mob of mortals while trying to ride out of the city.

After about a year’s time the city stabilized under the new Oligarchy of Chiaroscuro, a group of the 5 most powerful families (there were 7, but 2 families met with unfortunate accidents) and choose a Consul. Technically a republic made up of only Oligarchs. Once the Republic was established the Urashimas set up their bank, became the leading bank in the area, and then promptly did nothing until 783.

In 779, the arts of Adamant forging were re-discovered in Chiaroscuro, but more importantly, the unique Verdant Clay making procedures were refound. Chiaroscuro in the First Age had huge Green adamant towers, odd considering that Adamant if anything has a blue tint to its transparency. Chiaroscuro’s Ruins were made up of opaque green crystal. With the discovery of Verdant Clay in the city can be rebuilt, and merchants are lining up to gain exclusive trading rights to the Verdant Clay AND the Green Adamant product. The three largest parties interested are:

  • Urashima Banking Network
  • Banking Consortium of Denansdor
  • Four Cities Industrial Combine – New Gem Division (Solely Manufacturing rights)


  • With the revitalized interest in the area, and the unique commodity they have the sole control over, the 5 families are now getting quite wealthy. So wealthy that they are now rebuilding the First Age Chiaroscuran Towers. Just for the record, NOT wealthy enough to even come close to the Urashimas, the banking Consortium or the Four Cities Industrial Combine. If they invested the profits instead of for their own interests they may become an economic superpower in about 12 years.
  • The Five Families are the Va’Sirai, the Tel’Kath, the Kor’Yala, the Quen’ik, and the Nor’uram. All prominent families that control some vital aspect of Chiaroscuro’s continuing operation, and independence from the Delzahn Horde retaking the City. These families decide who among them will be named the Consuls of the city. The Pateri is always a male member of one of the 5 families, and the Matrico is always a female member of a different family.
  • The Delzahn Horde, lurks about 100 miles outside of Chiaroscuro, they wait for the day that their former conquest slips and they can retake what is theirs.
  • At Present the city is protected by various mercenary groups and whatever of the great powers wishes to hold the city. For a time the Shogunate sent a dragon there to shore up defenses. Next year it was a Denansdor Cruiser floating overhead. The next a circle of giant warstriders from New Gem. They finally settled on joining the Terrestrial Coalition, due to the guarantees of the charter, and the less limitations.

Republic of Chiaroscuro

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