Realm Civil War

Primary Players

Army of the Second Shogunate

Supreme Commanders: Tepet Ejava and Yurgen Kaneko

Supporters: Tepet, V’Neef, Ledaal, Iselsi, Nellens, Urashima Family

Foreign Supporters: Lookshy, Thorns, Sijan

The Legions of the Scarlet Empire

Supreme Commanders: Memnon, Cathak Cainan

Supporters: Cathak, Ragara, Peleps, Sesus, Memnon

Foreign Supporters: None

The Order of the Ascended Dragons

Supreme Commanders: Unknown, Cell like Organization

Supporters: Approximately 75% of the mortals on the Blessed Isle

Foreign Supporters: Malfaes

Neutral Houses

Shogunate Leaning: Cynis

Notable Casualties

  • Memnon- Disappeared much like her mother near the end of the War
  • Cathak Cainan- Killed by Unknown forces. The remnants of Memnon blame Cathak, and House Cathak blames the remnants of Memnon
  • Yurgen Kaneko- Also known as the Bull of the North, killed by Cathak Oberon in the Battle of the Scarlet Coast. Now reborn as a deathknight in the service of Shroud of the Ebon Void
  • Chejop Kejak- While not a combatant, the elder sidereal passed during the course of the war

VICTORY: The Army of the Second Shogunate

Causes of the War (RY768 to RY 770)

Ever since the Empress vanished there was an uneasy quiet across the Realm, and as time passed on hope that the Empress would return dwindled. Over the five years 2 contenders for the throne emerged.
  • Memnon- The Empress’ eldest daughter.
  • Tepet Ejava- The Charismatic General

However Memnon could take the throne, she just couldn’t keep it. She had made far too many enemies along the way. The reverse situation affected Tepet Ejava, she could keep the throne, but she could not take it.

Memnon’s First plan to neutralize Tepet Ejava was to send her on a suicide mission to the South. Unfortunately the Roseblack was victorious, and was planning to return home. Memnon burst forth and ordered her puppets in the delibirative to approve the following

“The tragedy that has befallen Thorns can no longer be allowed to continue. It is the order of the Deliberative to deploy the Vermillion Legion upon Thorns to liberate it from the Mask of Winters” Scarlet Measure AA-987

Memnon using her alliance with the Mask of Winters informed the Mask of Winters of the Roseblack’s orders, with the intention that the Roseblack would be slaughtered. Unfortunately for Memnon and the Mask of Winters the Dragon’s Fist intervened…

The Realm Civil War (RY 771)

The Battle of Scarlet Coast
The Battle of Meru
The Death of Cainan and the Disappearance of Ragara
The Ascended Dragon Insurgence
The Surrender of the Imperial City

The Consolidation (RY 772)

The Consolidation refers to the first year of Ejava’s rule where the Vermilion Legion and Coalition forces swept the island routing and destroying the Cult of the Ascended Dragon. During this time the Charter of the Shogunate is written by Poramo Nellens, Megumi Urashima, and others and becomes the foundation of all Shogunate law. The first Deliberative of the Shogunate convenes on the First Day of Ascending Air in RY 772.

Realm Civil War

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