Phoenix Gate

Location: North-west Coast of Blessed Isle. Prefecture: Phoenix Population in RY768: 850 people Population in RY783: 858,425 people

Administrative Captial of Phoenix Prefecture Economic Center of Creation

The City of Phoenix Gate is more than just a city, it is a symbol of the future. At least that’s what the Shogunate Propaganda Ministry says. The Metropolis of the Third Age! Of course the one thing that the Shogunate neglects to mention is that the city didn’t have one obol of Shogunate funds to build it. The ones who built the city were… well those were mortals but the ones who paid the mortals were the Urashimas. Phoenix Gate was the closest village to the Island of NeoTokyo, that throughout history the Urashimas had maintained a strong connection with this small little hamlet.

First Age History of Phoenix Gate

Fishing Village. It’s residents were killed by Solar who changed them into a weird type of Shark Amalgam.

Second Age History of Phoenix Gate

Fishing Village. It’s residents paid taxes to the Shogun, and then after the Great Contagion (the village was evacuated and the Urashimas along with the residents of Phoenix Gate hid in Neotokyo Tower.) During the Scarlet Empire they paid higher taxes.

The Consolidation

Thanks to Kazuo Urashima being called back to the Blessed Isle by his family, while the Dragon’s Fist went to Linowan, the cult of the Ascended Dragon never got a foothold in the area. Due to a combination of harsh winter weather and a relatively submissive populace, the Roseblack decided to burn the previous administrative capital for the prefecture (Run by a Memnon Prefect ) to the ground, naming Inoue Urashima the Prefect of Phoenix Prefecture.

With the favorable relationship to the new Shogun, the Urashimas decided to renovate the old family manse some 2 miles away from Phoenix Gate, which brought in an industry of craftsmen and artisans. Kiyoshi Urashima, while visiting the village noticed that fishing was very good in the region but that under the Scarlet Empire, it was never exploited properly, and created the Urashima Fishing Emporium, which soon cornered the market on fishing in the North West part of the Inland Sea. The Fishing Emporium profited from being one of the few places during the Consolidation with a surplus of food, which attracted more people to the city.

Then the UBN went online. Almost overnight the city was not just a city for fishing and the artisans in the employ of the Urashimas, but for merchants all around Creation. It was only during this time that the population of the city skyrocketed from 6521 to over 750 thousand. The Urashima Family Manse was rebuilt by Kazuo in a week to the Urashima Banking Tower. Soon the Village of Phoenix Gate grew to the point that the Urashima Manse was now in the city limits

By RY 777 the Urashima Banking Tower was the core of the city, and the Bay that Phoenix Gate was on is now filled with Transport ship docks. Even the sight of a few Haslanti Air Freight ships is not out of place in the new capital of international finance.

Phoenix Gate

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