Memory Crystals

Adamant crystals engraved by a special orichalcum encoding instrument. This technology was rediscovered simultaneously by the Engineers of Starmetal City and the University of Creation. However the University of Creation did come upon the idea of using Smart Moonsilver to encode the crystal instead of an Orichalcum needle.

The orichalcum needle programmed crystals are all permanently etched, and are extreme literal in their programming. These crystals cannot be modified while in operation, only reprogrammed by writing new sections on the crystals. Deletion from these crystals is impossible without breaking the crystals

The Moonsilver crystals have an… intelligence, able to modify their programs at will. This “software” regardless of it complexity will eventually gain self-awareness and intelligence all their own.

The UBN is an Adamant Sphere that is encoded with both orichalcum and moonsilver crystals. Kazuo also experimented with a Starmetal crystal to give it capability of warning operators of impending economic disasters. In RY 782 the Ebon Dragon using Demonic Sorcery, fused some memory crystals of his own into the UBN’s design, these are Vitroilic Crystals. Kazuo had no way of removing these crystals. The UBN Core now has a flucuating Blue and Green glow. It is now going by the name Balthasar. It is not experiencing any problems at present, and is capable of teleportation from UBN node to node.

The IAM Core is an Adamant and Orichalcum pyramid. Its programming is a repaired version of the IAM of the First Age now restored. Its design, construction and programming are much more sophisticated, and has taken to calling herself “Melchior”. The SI (Synthetic Intelligence) considers the UBN and TSN to be her younger brothers. She is the Librarian of the University of Creation.

The TSN Core is an adamant core with Earth Jade plates, with a number of data conduits leading the local terminals. The TSN Nodes are Cubes approximately half a meter on each side, with a hologlyphic Projector. All Crystals save the Core Crystal Array are Orichalcum Crystals to enhance security. Intel Briefs and Orders can be issued to any and all Terrestrial Coalition members.

Memory Crystals

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