Megumi Urashima

First Minister of the Second Shogunate

Currently holds the support and controls the votes for 221 members of the 500 member deliberative

Mother of Kazuo, Inoue, Katiana, and Tallan Urashima

Neotokyan Artifact: A pair of hairsticks made of an odd non-reflective black material. One of the sticks gives her pluses against Mental Defense, and a +3 to Mental Dodge. The other stick gives her a +3 to Manipulation and Charisma, and a +3 to Performance, Bureaucracy, Socialize and Presence. Megumi is unaware of these bonuses

Other Artifacts: A Blue and Gold kimono that she wears, which was purchased at an auction. The Resplendent Kimono of Tzatli, and gives her more bonuses to her social-fu.

“The Deliberative’s decision is 231 to 195, with 74 abstains. The deliberative has confirmed the Shogun’s choice for myself as First Minister. Now Speaker Nellens, that your vote measure has failed, can we move on to other matters?” Megumi Urashima RY 785

Was chosen by the Shogun to serve as First Minister in RY 773, and has served well over that time. She currently leads the largest bloc of votes in the deliberative, which is called the Progressives. The Progressives fully endorse the Shogun and push through new reform after new reform, however after 10 years Megumi has lost a good deal of her support. The Creation of the UBN, originally funded by the Shogunate as a communications network, was a scandal for Megumi, as her family was the only one that really benefited from the network by monopolizing the communication channels. In more recent years Megumi’s Progressives have slowly dwindled due to a rising star in the Deliberative, Cyan Nellens and her bloc of votes (129) called “Ouroboros”. She lost a great deal of influence because of the Demonic Incursions using the UBN as their highway. On that day she was nearly stripped of the title of First Minister, but was able to placate the Shogun, by promising that her son would fix the network AND build a military only communications network (She did NOT inform Kazuo of this until afterwards). Fortunately Kazuo delivered and the Shogun now has the Terrestrial Strategic Matrix, or “Casper” to communicate with field commanders, to look at map information, intel briefs (A Level 5 Artifact, attuned to the Shogun). Megumi has maintained her position, but is currently weak politically.

Before her husband died she had a bubbly personality, always happy and willing to help others. At least that’s the image she always portrayed. All of her children can attest that she has a way of getting people to see her point of view, and how she is right, without of course her ever saying that fact. Her style of politicking was subtle enough that occasionally people wouldn’t notice that she was coercing them, blackmailing them or intimidating them until a few days later, after they had done what she wanted them to do.

However after her husband died, her usual warmth has been replaced by sorrow. Gone is the good-natured woman, replaced by the cold calculating politician. It is debatable what is causing her bloc of votes to break down: the death of her husband, the Demonic Incursions through her family’s network, stress after a decade of serving under a shogun more interested in military affairs then domestic, or something else. The other alternative is that she was always this way, but after her husband died she hasn’t bothered to wear the old mask that she used to wear. Nevertheless she is now locked with Cyan Nellens in a political battle, and both have deadlocked many of the others measures or proposals.

Megumi is protected round the clock by the Scarlet Empress’ former guards (Protection detail for the First Minister), and 5 Amalgams known as Urashima Shadow Knights


  • Continue Being First Minister
  • Neutralize Cyan Nellens
  • Pass the Common Economic Protocols for the member nations of the Terrestrial Defense Coalition (garanteeing the dominance of the Urashimas in international finance, not only through economic might but by law)
  • Convince the Shogun to go with an Air Legion military strategy over a Warstrider one.

Megumi Urashima

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