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Since there’s so much going on in Creation at this point, I hope that this wiki will eventually serve as a good place to find information on anything that needs clarifying. If there’s a topic that you want info on, make a link to it but don’t create a page. This will make a red link. If anyone sees a red link to something they’re knowledgeable on, hopefully they will fill in the blank.

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I went ahead and made this link to the list of instructions that Obsidian Portal gives for altering the wiki. There’s also the tutorial video. Hopefully everyone can figure it out.


Dragon’s Fist

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Prominent NPCs


Calistare Campaign

Thousand Arms Dragon Academy Adventure


The Liberation of Thorns

Realm Civil War

The Dawn of the Third Age

The Destruction of the Silver Prince

The Destruction of the First and Forsaken Lion

Demonic Incursions

The Secularization of the Blessed Isle


House Cathak

House Cynis

House Peleps

House Urashima

House Mnemnon

Terrestrial Coalition

Thousand Arms Dragon Academy

University of Creation


Cathak Isle


Mount Meru

Phoenix Gate

Nations of the Third Age

Second Shogunate



Freeport of Nexus

Republic of Chiaroscuro

The Four Cities

The Empire of the Dawn

Linowan Nation

The Kingdom of Halta

Haslanti League


Memory Crystals

Essence Collectors

Artificial Flight

Factory Cathedrals

List of Amalgam Types

Types of Airships

Yellow Jade

Goals of…

List of Deathlords

Shroud of the Ebon Void

Cynis Augustus


RY 768
  • Default Year of Exalted. The Empressed disappeared 5 years ago, Tepet Legions destroyed two years ago. Mask of Winters in Thorns for a year.

The 770s

The 780s

List of Exalts

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