Kazuo Urashima


In 763 Kazuo Urashima, age 12, was undergoing his family’s trials on their home island of NiwoZokio. These trials were known as a gauntlet to test all family members, they enter the sunken ruins of the Primordial City and a few days later emerge Exalted, chosen of the Dragons. During Kazuo’s expedition in the partially sunken ruins, he was trapped in a small room flowing with charged Air Essence going from metal box to metal box. He nearly died but Kazuo was able to discover a pattern to the electrical arcs and was able to time his passage across the chamber, successfully. About halfway across he had to recalculate and at this moment the Dragons chose him, and Kazuo successfully navigated the chamber. He successfully found an artifact weapon destined for him in the sunken city.


In 770 Kazuo Urashima was with the rest of his circle, in Yu-Shan learning the true nature of creation (according to one sidereal). While contemplating the truth of Creation’s History now revealed, he wandered the City of Heaven. He came upon the god of Diaxander, The Celestial God of Knowledge Forgotten and Found once more, who was captivated by the story of Kazuo’s hometown, NiwoZokio, and made him an offer, the Rite of Celestial Union, which would make Kazuo a god. In exchange Kazuo must determine the origin of NiwoZokio, as it was an ancient city even before the Primordial War.

Once discovering the true origin of NiwoZokio, Kazuo now had to fulfill his duties in the Celestial Bureaucracy, learning all the first age technologies as they are rediscovered in the Third Age.

“Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” Scarlet Empress RY 9
“May you live in interesting times” Mileena Aran 42 years after the Primordial Wars

Growing up Kazuo was frequently overlooked. He was a smart student, but only ranked 31st at the Cloister. Once he exalted he was surprised at how much the world didn’t change for him. The same challenges were there, but they did not become much easier as he was lead to believe. He simply wanted to make a mark upon the world, to make it a better place and to be remembered. To this end Kazuo began a History of Creation Series, which will attempt to document all of Creation’s History into a series of books.

However the times were tumultous. Shortly after being entered into the Cloister of Wisdom, the Empress vanished. Nevertheless he continued on in his studies, making friends with then Arock Ragara, Agnar Sesus, Yun’Sol Peleps, and Augustus Cynis. To prove their skill they scoured the library for a special charm they could learn, and found it in “Tiger and Bear Unity”. Little did they know that this charm was FORBIDDEN, and upon demonstrating this charm in front of the graduation audience were immediately assigned as far away as the Immaculate Order could place them, under the Supervision of Sifu Egamo of Nexus.

The Village Choi
Defending the Jungle Manse
The Siege of Larjyn
The Trials of Verinas
The Journey to Sijan
The Negotiations of Linowan
Commanding the Tomb of the 5 Corners
The Martial Arts Tournament and the Liberation of Thorns
The Realm Civil War – Part 1
The World of Darkness
The Realm Civil War – Part 2
The Urashima Banking Network
The University of Creation
The Defense of Rathess
The Final Maelstrom
The Herald of the Ebon Dragon

Academic Accomplishments

  • Founded University of Creation
  • Repaired IAM
  • Sponsors dozens of expedition in the North, and other places to recover first age texts
  • Built the Research Manufactorium
  • Worked on Rediscovering Flight Project
  • Created Urashima Economics (An economics model that combines Creation’s economy with Keynesian Economics)
  • The History of Creation Series (many volumes and counting)
  • Manual of Exalted Power (A guide to a particular type of Exaltation) Has finished the Solar and Dragon-Blood Manuals, currently researching the Abyssals which will incorporate Egamo’s Treatise
  • A Devonian Sorcery Primer (Meant to replace the dry Daric’s Laws of Sorcery)
  • A Terrestrial Guide to Magitecknology (A standard text for Dragon-bloods to learn Craft: Magitech)
  • A Treatise on the Structure of Creation (Cosmological Text)
  • The Chronicle of the Dragon’s Fist (Will never be published)
  • Creation on a Sphere (A book series that is sold as fiction. The story is about the history of a parallel world where everything is topsy turvy. No Exalts, mortals reign supreme; Creation is on a sphere. Many find it amusing but the series format [detailing a person of that Creation in each book] has endeared it to many people, especially the characterization.) Volumes: Creation on a Sphere: Patton, Tesla, T. Roosevelt, Confucius, Oppenheimer, Augustus, Aldrin, Leonardo and many more. Has met some acclaim for its incredible detail. Tepet Ejava greatly enjoyed the book “Creation on a Sphere: The Eon of Air: George S. Patton”.


  • Only Dragon-blood capable of Celestial Sorcery that is well known. (except Augustus)
  • Designed the Urashima Banking Network.
  • Established the University of Creation, with the goal of outstripping the accomplishments of Sperimin
  • The Shogunate uses his images on army recruitment posters, without his knowledge.
  • Has a half-caste Lunar Sidereal, Shun, organizing his sanctum’s library. Works with Meticulous Fern to ensure that certain technologies stay forgotten like Obliteration Spheres.
  • Has built over 200 manses. He has constructed all 9 of the Shogunate’s Factory Cathedrals, one of Lookshy’s two cathedrals, and 3 others: The Urashima Factory Citadel of Wangler’s Knob, the Research Manufactorium of the University of Creation, and the Provisional Chiaroscuran Government’s Military Production Facility.
  • Fought the Delzahn Horde, expelling them from Chiaroscuro. Now a blood enemy of the Delzahn Horde
  • Fought the Cult of the Ascended Dragons, and expelled most of them from Phoenix Prefecture
  • Named the Hero of Sijan, for defeating Barrelblack
  • Refuses to design any sort of Weapon
  • Rebuilt IAM, and the sentient core of IAM, now named Melchior is the Librarian of the University
  • Met the Ebon Dragon
  • Has met 6 deathlords: Mask of Winters, Walker in Darkness, Shroud of Ebon Void, the Silver Prince, the First and Forsaken Lion, and the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears.
  • Only member of the Dragon’s Fist that has not gone to Malfaes.
  • Should the opportunity present itself, Kazuo would try and steal the Book of the Three Circles from Raksi. Keeps a close eye on any news regarding Raksi.
  • Nearly listened to the whispers of the Neverborn while in the Labyrinth.
  • Created 50 amalgams, designed to be able to be teleported through the UBN, as a rapid response team to any threat to a branch.
  • As a Celestial God he has a permanent seat reserved. As a Dragon-Blood Exalt he is barred from ever viewing the games. (Whether or not he can view the games of divinity I do not know)


  • To make Creation a safer and better place.
  • Unite Creation Economically (Through sheer economic might, the UBN is in nearly every city in Creation, at present Kazuo is trying to get his mother to pass the Common Economic Protocols which will cement the UBN as Creation’s economy)
  • Unite Creation Politically (Kazuo has made no progress here, but upon consulting with his mother does not believe this can be accomplished through the Parliament of Beings)
  • Unite Creation Militarily (Dragonblood Nations held together by the Terrestrial Coalition Treaty)
  • Make the University of Creation the best University in Creation.
  • Ensure that Creation is safe from the horrors of the Wyld
  • Build the CMS Amplifier and CMS Adamant tablet. A Network of Level 3 and Level 1 artifacts that allow instant communication to any other node. (Will not be able to handle financial transactions, hologlyphics, or Synthetic Intelligence of any kind. Only Text messages less than 250 words [I didn’t like the idea of a phone in Creation, but the telegraph I think is acceptable. Kazuo believes that the more people communicating the better for Creation]]. Unlike the UBN this artifact schematic is freely accessible at the University of Creation. [However the Urashimas will mass produce them and dominate many markets]
  • Solve the following mystery: The Primordials that died became the Neverborn, The ones that surrendered became the Yozis, what happened to the ones that ran away?

Research Goals

  • Finish treatise on the 13 deathlords ()
  • Complete another Volume of the History of Creation Series (Military Campaigns of the First Shogunate)
  • Solve the secret of Yellow Jade (Kazuo has two formulas. One developed by a mortal thaumaturge in NExus, who got killed by a demon [Seen in I think Oadenal’s Codex Comic, in our continuity Dace was called away and could not protect her] and another formula matrix being worked on by the Thrice Radiant Misho during the First Age. Using the two formulas, Kazuo believes he has a working formula… but it doesn’t work. Later on this year (Late 783) Kazuo will get frustrated [which is what every exalt gets after the Yellow Jade Dilemma] and leaves the notes on his desk. A mortal savant assistant is cleaning and notices the formula, he tries it and gets a flask of Yellow Jade. Shortly thereafter the savant mortal becomes one of the apprentices of Kazuo. BEING WRITTEN, NEXT IN LINE.
  • A pair of Progenitor-Class Airships (Equivalent to Dreadnought-Class), called Adam and Lilith. These huge ships are being designed for one use. To emulate the Solar Charm, WYLD CREATION TECHNIQUE, and be able to carry the thousands of settlers as needed. BEING WRITTEN, LOW ON LIST.
  • Discovering a way to make the UBN could use the First Shogunate means of making the economy reinforce Creation, thus making the UBN an amplifier against the Wyld.
  • Research the Primordials. Account for all of them: The ones that died, the ones that surrendered,... and the ones that ran away.
  • Design a ship that is capable entering the wyld to explore it and then finding its way to Creation. There will eventually be 5 Exploration Vessels

Writing Queue

  • The Ends of Time (Kazuo and 9 others spend 20 years while two days pass in the normal world. Writer’s Block)
  • The Chiaroscuran Gambit (Kazuo and Nabiki meet in Chiaroscuro about expansion into the South. About 65% complete)
  • A Primordial Returned (Kazuo read in a first age text that roughly 90% of Creation was lost during the Primordial War. Something leads Kazuo to believe that the 90% wasn’t destroyed, just locked from what we know as Creation by the Yozis spiteful curse. Kazuo begins exploring ways to access the lost portions. This will be a huge adventure for Kazuo. Approximately 5 parts)
  • The Sixth Shade of Jade (Kazuo and the formulation of Yellow Jade. 2 parts)
  • The Tzatli Accord (Kazuo gets duped by the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears)

Kazuo Urashima

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