Factory Cathedrals

List of Factory Cathedrals

We might need a list like this some day so, I thought I might as well make it

Kazuo has made 11 total. Following the Shogun’s demands for the cathedrals he memorized the plans and then promptly burned the notebooks. He sees no need for more Factory Cathedrals to be built, but if he ever needs the plans again, he has them memorized.

  1. Arjuf Naval Citadel (TCM-01)
  2. Tepet Battle Factory 1 (TCM-02)
  3. Tepet Battle Factory 2 (TCM-03)
  4. Tepet Battle Factory 3 (TCM-04)
  5. Tepet Battle Factory 4 (TCM-05)
  6. Juche Production Facility (TCC-06)
  7. Phoenix-Obelisk Production Facility (TCC-07)
  8. Lookshy Factory Citadel 2 (TCM-09) [TCM-08 is the one under the city]
  9. Chiaroscuran Crystal Citadel (TCM-10)
  10. University of Creation Research Manufactorium
  11. Wangler’s Knob Production Facility (privately operated by the Urashima Bank)

Factory Cathedrals

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