Dragon's Fist

Tann's Meditations

I almost died today. Never have I faced such a debilitating melange of Techniques.

We were again successful. Thanks mostly to Cora’s shifting abilities and her… diligence. Glad I missed the party, too stuffy.

Tidos is a scary Mo-Fo.

I almost died today.

Yun’Sol said that he could arrange a trip home for us. I guess that would be Cathak Isle, though I’ve never been there. Sera has told me about some of it, but she only talks of her house and the port town.

I almost died today.

Life and Times at the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy
The Story So Far

It was just another day in Denavid, until six individuals arrived with the common goal of scaling Mount Meru. Their names were Cora, Nogo, Cathak Tann, Titos Abeiron, Ryuunosuke Memnon and Peleps Ai Quan. Their destination: the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy, home to the renowned martial artist Yun’Sol. Each sought his teaching for their own reasons, but all six recognized the value of making the perilous journey together.

Over the several week trek, the six learned the value of each others company. Why they did not always get along, each possessed unique abilities that helped the group through danger. After much effort, the six arrived at the school, exhausted. Greeted by Yun’Sol himself, they had completed the sole prerequisite for enrolling in the school.

The group settled in to their new lives of constant training, staying in contact with one another with the exception of Nogo. It was their simultaneous arrival that caught Yun’Sol’s watchful eye, and after an enlightening excursion into the nearby ruins of the city of Meru, a place that has claimed many an adventure-seeking life, Yun’Sol made a the decision to call on the five students for a special assignment.

It was called the OniKiri Project. The five were chosen to form a secret team that would take assignments from Yun’Sol. This fateful decision by the group would lead them to face dangers they had only heard tale of, but together they weathered each trial. First they faced defectors of the Obsidian Syndicate, a team of operatives led by a Dragon-Blood named Smoke Trails From Sight. Though outnumbered, the group quickly dispatch these enemies and remained unscathed. Next they faced a terrifying enemy, a necrotic Abyssal by the name of Scorned Jackal of Ambition. The group once again emerged victorious, returning to the academy with two prisoners. After surprisingly little interrogation, Smoke admitted to passing on Obsidian Syndicate investigations on several of the major Houses on the Blessed Isle, namely Peleps and Nellens.

Their next assignment was much different in scope. This time, Yun’Sol came to them with a more personal request: bring his son to the Academy. Fearing possible unsavory elements within House Peleps in light of the team’s previous mission, Yun’Sol desired his son to be close for his own protection. Agreeing, the group found themselves attending an extravagant party. Graced with the melodious stylings of the songstress Cessily and encountering socialites of the Blessed Isle such as Cynis Davers and Tepet Aerima, the group came to meet the mother of Yun’Sol’s son, Peleps Léanya and the boy himself, Peleps Darris. Cora befriended the boy and after the party sought to spirit him away in silence, but the group came to blows with what seemed to be a group of rival kidnappers. Léanya herself intervened, revealing the team’s opponents to in fact be bodyguards. Nonetheless, the group accomplished their goal and with the boy’s consent, returned with him to the Academy.

But their mission would reveal a disturbing truth to the Academy. Brought before the gathered instructors for second debriefing, the opponents they described facing the night prior turned out to before former students of the Academy; a team last seen on mission, apparently gone rogue: Cessily, Tepet Aerima, Kasumi and Haruna. This raised questions among the faculty, but the team had their own fallout from the mission to attend to. Under Cora’s urging, they went to visit Léanya and spent a pleasant evening reconciling their unfortunate previous encounter. When asked about the rogue students, Léanya was only able to say that they came to her offering protection and left suddenly of their own accord. But that was all the recreation the team would get for now, as they received their next mission upon returning home: rescue Cynis Augustus.

There was an old man seen fleeing Yun’s Nest the day Augustus seemed to disappear. To find him the team traveled across Creation, using the Academy’s portal system to jump to Sijan, then to the far East. Once there, they took a shuttle to the province of Calistare within the Shining Kingdom. Not yet ready to immerse themselves in the convoluted politics of the region, the group met up with a Lunar named Kuni and his pack. Led into the region’s unique Wyld by Whispering Dusk, the group found the man they sought, and he was strange. Quelling his fear of shadows, they convince him to return with them. But are you paranoid if they’re really out to get you? The shadow attacks!


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