Master of the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy


Having master the Immaculate Water and Fire Dragon Styles along with Lunar Hero Style, Yun’Sol has begun to forge his own techniques and style. His dream is to unite the diverse world of martial arts under the common goal of defending Creation. To this end, he opened the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy. Bringing together masters from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, Yun’Sol hopes to expose rising warriors to the wealth of knowledge and experience that will forge them into enlightened and Enlightened protectors of Creation.


An orphan since his earliest memories, Yun’Sol was graced by the Water Dragon while living in the orphanage of a small port town on the Threshold. He was approached by Peleps Neltis and offered adoption, essentially to replace the man’s dead son. Accepting, he moved to the Blessed Isle and was sent to the Cloister of Wisdom. While training, he befriended the likes of Cynis Augustus, Sesus Agnars, Ragara Erok and Ragara Kazuo. Back home, he developed a subtle rivalry with his adopted brother Aenan and a secret romance with his adopted sister Léanya.

After a display of prowess, Yun’Sol and his comrades were sent off into the Threshold to do the work of the Immaculate Order. The five were now trained by the enigmatic Igamo. Under his guiding hand, Yun’Sol and his sworn brothers would save cities, forge alliances and endure heartbreaking loss. By the time their training under Igamo was complete, each would develop his own outlook on a Creation they’d never known on the Blessed Isle.

During these travels, the boys would befriend a trio of traveling sisters. Lana, a Lunar Exalted, would become close to Yun’Sol, but always he was haunted by the memory of the love he left behind. Seeking to cut all ties with House Peleps, he would not speak to Léanya until hearing of the birth of his child. Surrounded by the chaotic events of the Realm Civil War, Yun’Sol was eventually reunited with Léanya and his newborn daughter, Wren.

Once the Isle quieted down, Yun’Sol would take his family to live in Sijan. They spent several happy years there before having a falling out. Léanya would take Wren and return to House Peleps while Yun’Sol would turn his focus to his burgeoning martial arts academy on Mount Meru.


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