Vogt Mendel

A Solar friend of the Fist, the sometime Lord of the Manse-isle of Farshore and constant tinkerer with all manner of artifacts and engineered beings.


Vogt is the bizarre byproduct of upbringing in one of the Lunar experimental societies – the Thousand Streams River – and Exaltation while in the grip of a Wyld-fueled plague. He shares a few notions with some of the Lunars on the proper shape of society, but the sudden imprint of a newly cleansed Solar shard into his weakened mind has given him a few ideas that are thousands of years out of date.

He has, in his rather short time since Exaltation, raised an island out of the Wyld, created a society on it, and abandoned the very same society to its own devices in out of simply curiosity as to how they would govern themselves. He has also assisted various members of the Fist with their manifold projects, enrolled at Yun’sol’s dojo, and confronted various terrible, dark powers that he mostly prefers not to talk about.

Vogt Mendel

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