Titos Abeiron

A Fire-aspected student of the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy.


A former member of the special forces of [[Lookshy]], Titos is – technically speaking – on an extended leave of absence after the program he was a member of was shut down. Having opened his mind to the Immaculate martial arts through this program’s teachings, however, he found himself unable to return to his usual active duties. He is determined to master the Fire style of the Immaculate monks first – and within his unit’s initial time limit of one and a half years from initial training – before moving on to master the other four. He hopes to present an adequate case to the review board to reopen the program.

With just over a year left to reach his goal, Titos made his way to [[Mount Meru]] and the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy to learn from the legendary Master Yun’Sol. So far, progress has been good, but, much as with the [[Dragon’s Fist]], a wider world is slowly revealing itself to Titos. Only time will tell whether his original goals will be those he strives for the rest of his life.

Titos Abeiron

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