Instructor, Air Dragon and Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Styles


In her youth Kimiko learned the ways of the Immaculate Air Dragon at the Cloister of Wisdom. But her first mission into the Threshold as a monk of the Immaculate Order was a disheartening experience and she was left for dead by her comrades. She awoke in the home of a kind woman who nursed her back to health and put her to work at her inn. The woman would turn out to be a Lunar exalt who subtly, without Kimiko’s direct knowledge, taught her the ways of the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan. Her time at the inn would teach her effortless grace and an appreciation for fine tailoring. After the Realm Civil War, Kimiko would return to the Blessed Isle where she met Yun’Sol and became an instructor at his Academy.

As the teacher of the Air Dragon Style, Kimiko is an understanding and insightful instructor. Her teaching of the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style is quite different, taking place inside an elaborately furnished quest house, her students dressed in fine kimonos. Those who peer through the window see what seems like a tea ceremony or dance class in progress. Rumors abound about the purpose of these sessions and Kimiko seems content to leave the topic shrouded in mystery.


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