By running her hand through her silky black and bating her eye lashes, she’d make any man think she was just another pretty face. Dangerous mistake.


While she grew up poor in the sprawling city of Nexus, Kasumi had an effortless beauty about her that always attracted the wrong sort of attention. With no strong family members to stand up for her, a forced life of prostitution seemed inevitably for the shy girl. But she was saved by Lady Dragonfly of the Resplendent Order of the Vernal Rose. Kasumi finally found herself in a loving, nurturing environment where she was taught to take control of her beauty. Receiving the blessing of the Dragon of Wood and completing her training by the Order in the subtle White Veil Style, Kasumi thrived on her sense of belonging. But it was not destined to last, as Peleps Deled and his Wyld Hunt arrived one day and massacred the Vernal Rose. Kasumi narrowly escaped, but with her whole life in flames, she fled Nexus. It would take several years of wandering in grief for Kasumi to regain some of her confidence. Making her way to the Blessed Isle to seek information on Peleps Deled, she would learn that the Dragon’s Fist was not only responsible for his targeting the Vernal Rose, but also avenged her family by killing Deled. She would then make the trek up Mount Meru to the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy, both to seek training and the Fist.


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