Wearing loose, baggy clothes and a headband through her dark blue hair, everything about Haruna screams dedication.


Life was never easy for Haruna, but she never asked it to be. She grew up in a peasant family on the Blessed Isle, always working hard to help support her family. There had always been rumors of her mother’s affair with a Dragon-Blooded nobleman of House Peleps, and it finally seemed true when she Exalted. But while this power made life on the farm a little easier, it also brought her and her family more scorn. But none of this ever seemed to bother Haruna; her exaltation only enhanced her dedication to bettering herself so she could help her family. She sought to join the Immaculate Order to try and bring her family some respect, but she was rejected and no master would train her. Unphased, Haruna trained herself. But she would never achieve her dream as the Order would disband in the wake of the Realm Civil War. After helping her family through the crisis, she would seek training anew. Never one to take the path of least resistance, Haruna decided upon the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy.


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