With bright blue eyes shining against her deep red hair and a melodious voice, few are ever able to see deep enough to her true cunning.


Technically born on the Blessed Isle, Cessily’s name is the only thing she carries from a life she never knew. While vacationing in the Threshold, Cessily’s family was killed by Anathema, leaving only her as an orphaned infant. She grew up comfortably compared to most who share her background, learning to sing in the city of Nexus. Graced by the Dragon of Fire in her early teenage years, Cessily took all the money she had and secured passage back to the Blessed Isle. But with no proof of her family and no name to go with her story, no House would take her in. Her singing brought her some money to live on, but found she also had developed a skill in thievery after Exaltation. Eventually earning enough to sneak her way into high society, she was taken in by the venerable and famous singing instructor, Sir Belorious. But the old man proved more than he seemed as his training of her body and voice turned out to be the Celestial martial art, Silver-Tongued Nightingale Style. After many years of training she had gained a following with her song, but at the same time fancied herself a chivalrous thief, often robbing high class venues and donating much of the money to the less fortunate. With nothing left to teach her, Belorious urged Cessily to continue her training, and to this end she joined the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy.


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