Tepet Aerima


With long blond hair and enchanting indigo eyes, Aerima never has trouble fitting into high society.


Born into the once great House Tepet, Aerima was bred for high class society. And though she seemed at home in this role, there was always a sense of rebellion within her that yearned for something more. After an encounter with brigands, in which she and her family were saved by a group of Immaculate monks, Aerima decided that martial arts would give her the thrill she sought. Her family was not keen on the idea, only finally giving her the okay to learn with practice swords. In shrewd response, Aerima tracked down and commissioned a teacher of the Ill Lily Style. While the training was not the excitement she’d hoped for, Aerima was never one to give up and the condescension of her family and teacher drove her to eventually excel. When word reached her of the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy, Aerima decided to make the trek, believing that with a capable teacher, martial arts could help give real meaning to her life.

Tepet Aerima

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