The Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears




Puppeteer of the following nations and barbarians: Gradafes, Tear Eaters, Shadowholt

Very skilled at Necrotech and Sorcery.

Incredibly skilled at Negotiations

Currently writing a multi-part series that could result in the Lover’s containment if not demise.


“Unlike my brethren Kazuo, I do not wage war upon creation. In fact I find war… distasteful. I wage peace” Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears at the Ruins of Tzatli in RY 783

Once long ago the Lover was a very manipulative solar politician of the deliberative. She knew the First and Forsaken Lion during the first age, and was in Queen Merela’s Court. In the early days of the First Age she was diplomat that made peace treaties and alliances with the many barbarian nations. As time passed she became more active in the Celestial Deliberative, and for a few centuries being its master. Then she went to Academics and was a student of Devon, when he disappeared she continued his work under the pen-name Daric, and ventured to the Labyrinth with her Lunar mate, Aja. She eventually grew tired of the mysteries of the universe and withdrew to her private manses, where she engaged in every sort of pleasure imagined. She tortured mortals for fun, threw orgy parties, came up with new forms of Mutonic Mathematics, but after nearly a thousand years of that (She had enough blackmail and sorcery knowledge to worry about petty things like money or funding or a sanction from the Deliberative) she grew tired of the banality of human existence, and began contemplating suicide… then the Usurpation happened. She saw the Sidereal try to sneak up behind her with a starmetal dagger, but let him kill her. Then the Neverborn dropped by for a chat.

Like the First and Forsaken Lion, the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears is one of the oldest beings of Creation, but whereas the First and Forsaken Lion was an iron fist of the Neverborn, the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears was the velvet glove.

“She is second only to the Dowager in necromancy, and she follows close behind the Walker in Darkness and the First and Forsaken Lion in her application of magitech and necrotech.” MoEP-Abyssals p. 72

Her former Lunar mate, Eris of the North now teaches Necromancy at the University of Creation. Eris loved the Solar Lover of the first age and finds her new Deathlord form “disgusting, sick, and is ashamed of the Lover’s choice”. Eris about 50 years after the Great Contagion was invited to Gradafes, to meet the Lover. The Lover was glad to see her once more, and moved to embrace her, before Eris punched her straight in the face and an epic one on one battle occured, with only the Lover’s direct orders to stop the ghosts from joining the battle. The fight ended in a draw.

Why the change in strategies?

The Realm Civil War ended, the biggest opportunity for the entirety of Creation at war, never happened, So for 20 years she has been trying to build up personal political clout in this new age, so that her Political skills can be of great use. In RY 786 she plans on addressing the Parliament of Beings, being the first deathlord to address the body. She needs a “Third Age nation” to get the edge and to be able to play the games of international politics in a direct way (in addition to her subtler methods)


  • Make Creation exterminate itself
  • To gain control over the Underworld Ruins of Tzatli.
  • To build a Terrestrial Ghost-blooded Underworld Nation, with her own group of Dragon-bloods.
  • To wage War Peace in Creation.
  • To make the Underworld states of Ydross her tribute states and under her control
  • To use the Underworld Ghost-blood nation of Izatli to petition for membership first in the Terrestrial Coalition (Eventually get some Dragon-blood in the mix) on equal status to the Shogunate and Lookshy, and then the Parliament of Beings. She has been building up such a population for at least 20 years, and if the rest of her plan goes well, she expects to join the Terrestrial Coalition in RY 788
  • To get a UBN branch in the Underworld (which means making Tzatli a working City with an economy) and get Soulsteel on the Trading index (It is currently not by Kazuo’s order, but Nabiki may decide to ignore that)
  • The Lover is of the opinion that the only one that could destroy her is the Solar that has her former shard. She wants to find this solar and put them under her thrall, and to become a most valuable asset. Her plan is to eventually gain the use to possess a Solar body, through complex Solar/Void Sorcery to give her the use of Solar Sorcery. However despite her many spies, not a word has been found, in total she has one report that leads her to believe that her Solar Shard is currently in the North and is in a solar body. She could slam that body into a Monstrance, and get an abyssal. Abyssals and Solars she has already, but to have the personal capability of Solar Sorcery and Void Necromancy is strong indeed, to become something more powerful then another deathlord. A being that would have a Solar mote pool AND a Deathlord one.
  • To become the equal of the Shogun and the 7th Legion’s Chief of Staff in the Terrestrial Coalition (The dilemma is that Kazuo is trying to unite all nations under a Terrestrial Coalition banner, and an Underworld Tzatli would be the first Non-Dragon-blood nation. He will have to choose his enemies. Yozis or Neverborn or Wyld. He can’t fight all three)

Problems facing Goals

  • Get an economy for her section of the Underworld that will WANT trade with Creation, and Creation wants to trade with the Tzatli
  • Minimize the Bishop’s interests in the area. Maybe discretely leak intelligence on the Bishop to the Lover’s benefit.
  • It’s a Deathlord that wants to sit on the Parliament of Beings. If these problems aren’t obvious what game have you been playing.
  • A Soulsteel Commodity Index… Well Nabiki with enough incentive, and an opportunity for huge profit (like possibly being a protected monopoly on the sale of soulsteel) would do it in a heartbeat, as long as she doesn’t have to get near that stuff.
  • Eris could sense the Solar shard, and is tracking her get a whiff of where the Lover’s former Solar shard is now.


  • Corruption of Calin [Daybreak Caste] Her observer of the University, and acquirer of new journals. Her reputation is sqeuaky clean, no sense giving their suspicions up there any credence, her other followers can do the dirty work. Knows up to Void Circle but displays only knowledge of the First circle and rudimentary knowledge of the First
  • Exquisite Venegeance [Midnight Caste] An “independent” Abyssal who travels among the Haslanti Nation, doing right. Doing what Solars SHOULD be doing. Of course one of the Solars of the Icewalkers that is devoted to the Lover performs Raids on Haslanti that will be defeated by Exquisite Vengeance. The Lover plans to have Exquisite Vengeance become her puppeteer of the Haslanti League, and given over to Ancestor worship.
  • NOTE: I was originally going to move Scorned Jackal from Shroud to the Lover’s court but with him being captured in Sijan I find that difficult.


  • The Ruins of Tzatli and the Unhallowed Metropolis (currently being written. Kazuo will be busy the next two years in the North. Story will cover the Ruins of Tzatli, an attack upon the Bishop’s Forces, and a showdown with the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears. Will he succeed, we shall see.)

The Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears

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