Ledaal Kara

Professor of BioGenesis


Professor of BioGenesis at the University of Creation

Mistress of Kazuo

One of the top 15 sorcerers of House Ledaal

Specializes in Medical charms, Mutonic Selective Breeding matrices



  • Establish a Parliament of Beings Commission on Contagion Control, to ensure a quick response to any possible future Contagion. So that the Great Contagion cannot happen again
  • Determine the underlying pattern of why one Dragon-blood exalts and another one does not
  • Make a device that can give a +3 bonus to dragon-bloods on the crucial Exaltation roll.
  • Keep her and Kazuo’s relationship a secret to the public at large
  • Get the God of Health to work with her, and get over his dislike of Dragon-bloods


  • Has devised a Terrestrial Sorcery spell that will give a plus one dice to the rolls of any child exalting as a dragon blood. “Midwife of Gaia Spell” which requires 30 motes from the sorcerer and 10 motes from the two parents committed to an essence battery. Child must have a requisite Breeding of 1 for the spell to work
  • Has successfully petitioned the Shogun to create a full fledged Medic Corps.
  • Has gone to Yu-Shan with Kazuo three times. Two of the times were to find out what happened to the god of Health.
  • Frequently borrows the University Airship to visit Whitewall

Ledaal Kara

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