Memnon Ryuunosuke

Scion of Memnon


Currently a member of Ouroboros, Cyan Nellens voting bloc. He is at the dojo to learn martial arts at the bequest of Cyan Nellens

Ryuunosuke is married to a woman named Esperia Ragara, who is one of the 127 deliberative members that follows Cyan Nellens.

Cyan’s plans for Ryuunosuke are unknown. However she has asked Ryuunosuke to keep an eye on the school.


When the Shogunate was forged, Charter Day was not a day of rejoice, but a day of sorrow. Our Matriarch, the leader of our house vanished with nary a trace, and Cathak Cainan lay dead. House Cathak had betrayed us. Oberon had probably killed Cainan to turn Cathak over to the Roseblack on a silver platter. Then later we of the proud house of Memnon were stripped of our land, our titles and properties, and discovered that we now owed a large financial debt to the upstart Urashimas who feasted upon the dying body of House Ragara, enveloped House V’Neef and now sit in OUR seats in the Deliberative

I Ryuunosuke Memnon will secure the rightful place for my house and family in the Second Shogunate. For Memnon!

  • Return Memnon to House Status
  • Reclaim their former lands
  • Crush the Urashimas
  • Get an ally to be Shogun.

Memnon Ryuunosuke

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