Peleps Ai Quan

Student of Water Dragon Style at the Thousand Arms Dragon Academy


Ai Quan was born into a minor branch of house Peleps. He was a difficult child with little interest in his studies. When he exalted at the age of 12, his parents hoped it would give him focus. It didn’t.

Following a “minor” incident involving a few cousins, a family yacht, and four barrels of scented massage oil, Ai Quan was sent away in disgrace to live on the island of Chi Yuwe, where he was to work under the guidance of the local mayor to protect the island from threats both internal and external. While fighting the external threat of pirates was easy, combating the more subtle problems of crime required a different approach. Ai Quan created a second identity, and took over a small gang, calling himself “Shen”.

After about two years on Chi Yuwe, Ai Quan had married a lovely mortal woman named Issa, and lived with her and their son. As Shen, meanwhile, he was quite seriously attached to a woman named Dove, whom he had taken in and nurtured as his second-in-command of the gang. Unfortunately, the two women found out about each other, told the city guard and the gang, and collectively drove Ai Quan off the island.

Ai Quan vowed to win back his women by proving to them that he was a noble, kind, and heroic man, and came to the conclusion that mastering a martial art and setting out into the world to do good would prove this quite handily. He traveled to Mt. Meru, met with several other prospective students, and climbed up to the dojo. Since then, he has been studying diligently… and running the occasional secret mission on the side.

Ai Quan stands 6’ tall, has pale blue eyes ringed with darker blue, sun-bleached blond hair worn just long enough to blow about his face handsomely, and tanned brown skin. While Ai Quan attempts to be easy-going and friendly, he is also deeply paranoid; constantly on the look-out for any assassins his “misguided” wife or girlfriend might send after him.

Peleps Ai Quan

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