Cathak Tann

Formerly an Archer in the Cathak Legions, she climbed The Mountain seeking peace. Studies Wood Dragon Style


While studying Wood Dragon Style under Master Zylus, Her initial training as a legionnaire is still her strongest offense, especially Elemental Bolt Attack, which she channels through Archery.

[acc 23, dam +10L, spd 6, DV -2] +4L(fire) Can be comboed with Archery charms.

She is also quite effective with her Red Jade (small)Powerbow (Spark of Hesiesh, note this weapon is quite old, dating back hundreds of years when the Immaculate Order held sway over the Dragonblooded Host.)


She was Present at the final destruction of the Cathak Legions at the hands of the Lunar Akuma(), being one of a handful of survivors.

Cathak Tann

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