Meticulous Fern Grows in Riparian Corridor

Head of the Capital Convention


Meticulous Fern Grows in Riparian Corridor, called “Fern” for short, was assigned to keep watch over the Dragon’s Fist for her first serious mission. In reporting on the Fist and their actions, Fern got to know the members quite well, and came to like them almost as much as they annoyed her.

Following the war, she was promoted to Head of the Capital Convention. Her increased work-load has kept her very busy, but she does occasionally make time to check in on the Dragon’s Fist – they are, after all, very useful; if pointed in the proper direction.

Fern’s interests include gardening, tea, and paperwork. She is deeply dedicated to the proper workings of fate, is a stickler for properly-filled paperwork, and insists upon cleanliness.

Physically, Fern stands 5’2”, and has a pale, lightly tanned complexion. She has brown hair, cut a few inches above her shoulder-line, and green eyes.

Meticulous Fern Grows in Riparian Corridor

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