Cathak Oberon

Melee Fire Aspect


Cathak Oberon goes by many names throughout creation, not all of them good. He is a man that lives in the “now”, rarely thinking of the future and the reprocutions of his actions. Never one to stand down from a fight (even if the odds are horribly against him), Oberon lives by a motto that if one is willing to wield a weapon, one must be prepared to die.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about Oberon “The Demon Wing” is his unpredicability. One moment he could be laughing while enjoying a hard drink, and the next he will be exploding with fury with sword in hand.

Oberon wears a set of very dark, blood red, super heavy plate almost at all times, and carrys two swords on his back: a reaver daiklave that he never actually uses, and a towering grand daiklave called Flaming Conflaguration VS.

His hair is long. When loose, it falls down to the middle of his back. His hair is gray with age but still retains some streaks of its old copper-red color.

He has a scar on the right side of his face that runs from his temple to just below his mouth and wears an eyepatch over his left eye.


Cathak Oberon

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